Blue Moonlight's World Maltese


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It was love at first sight...


It's fantastic snow-white silky coat and the gentle streaming from his look, an alert expression grabbed us simply.

Hence in 2000, we bought our first Maltese. During the time we spent together with her, we faced up to that fact that the Maltese is absolute adorable. It's personality distinguishes it from the rest of the breeds.

Despite its eager and sprightly temperament, it is a gentle-mannered and an affectionate companion dog.

If we didn't think that Maltese is the most wonderful breed on the World, we would not breed Maltese certainly then.

But who has this little charmer creature, knows why we feel this. Because it is our responsibility we raise their appearances to the highest level preserving, protecting the Maltese fantastic temperament and it's personality.

The Blue Moonlight kennel's goal is to improving in the future and making this wonderful breed more beautiful one with all of our love and we work for this.

Martina and Peter

European Winner
CH. Love Affair Of Blue Moonlight

Junior European Winner
CH. X-Tremely Casper Of Blue Moonlight

Junior World Winner
CH. Fairy-Tootsey Of Blue Moonlight